Happy Little Paint Shader: Paint wetmaps and more on objects

Bob explains our Happy Little Paint Shader

The Happy Little Paint Shader basically “remembers” some objects’ position history over time and exposes it for rendering. Thus it can easily be used to create things like wet maps or do fancy painting work within animations. Other applications may be drawing foot steps on a surface, sand or snow.

A simple sketch of the basic idea would be as such:

Key features of the happy little paint shader

Bob especially likes these things about the paint shader:

  • Advanced and realistic Wet Maps possible
  • Object Position history
  • Effects like “Fade-Out” and “Dilate
  • Pre-Bake Painting-Information (mhhh... Bob also likes baking)
  • Subframes for smoother painting (see below)
  • Comes with an own Proximal Centauri Shader which is faster and more convenient than the native one when it comes to Painting
  • ...and it makes you happy!

Here's a tutorial how to work with the Happy Little Paint Shader

Presented by Bob himself, who's showing you, how to archieve great results with this Cinema 4D plug-in:

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Below is given a first impression of the Plugin, for further information please download the user manual here.

Available for: Windows / Mac OS X both 32 and 64 bit, for all Cinema4D Versions since 11+

For further information about the availability on your platform please contact us.

Scene by Patrick Tilp - Cloudscape

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Paint Shader Manual
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